MASSY Magazine is a carefully curated online beauty magazine where makeup artist, hair stylist and beauty lover Nanja Massy (30) wants to share her passion for all things beauty in a fresh, original way.


Originally a history and art teacher, Nanja quickly gave up her job for her lifelong passion: beauty. All by herself and without any preliminary training, she established MassyCreations, a beauty studio where she gives makeup and hairstyling workshops. Through an all-round cosmetology and hairstyling course at the Antwerpse Schoonheidsschool, she eventually mastered and perfected the necessary techniques.

MASSY Magazine

After numerous photoshoots, editorials & commercials as a makeup artist and two years of experience as the go-to beauty expert & blogger at Belmodo, Nanja began to dream of launching her own beauty magazine, together with a team of people who were just as passionate about beauty as herself. MASSY Magazine was the logical next step: an accessible, innovative, high-quality beauty magazine of which she is the creative director. 100% Nanja Massy.

Nanja Massy

Who is Nanja Massy? A fashionista who cherishes the black Delvaux envelope clutch that she inherited from her grandmother and plans to pass it on to the next generation. A foodie who can’t seem to get enough of truffle pasta. A lovebird who has been happily together with Willem for over 5 years and is currently looking for the perfect wedding dress. A globetrotter who goes island hopping in Greece, where her roots lie, as soon as she can. But above all a beauty expert with a weak spot for mascara, who never leaves the house without lipstick and who wishes to share her knowledge.

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