Your H&M Spring look both casual and chic, and the makeup looks to match

Wedding season is upon us! Next Saturday it’s my turn – excited, much? I myself always love attending weddings. Dressing up nicely, choosing a beautiful matching makeup look and hairstyle…

I immediately fell for this gorgeous dress from the H&M Conscious Exclusive collection, which you can find in stores this week! Because who doesn’t like feeling like a total princess? This dress has it all. An elegant silhouette, a gorgeous fabric and pretty color combinations to top it all off. Think moss green combined with silver and pastel green. You can wear this dress perfectly with high heels, but it also pairs perfectly with a pair of comfy sneakers! Because if you want to be a real dancing queen in the evening, a pair of flat shoes is always a good idea!

A beautiful outfit like that also requires a pretty matching makeup look. When paired with sneakers, I kept the make-up not overly intense and I combined the dress with an oversized sweater. I kept my hairstyle sleek and simple with a ponytail. I’d rather put the focus on a beautiful, fresh makeup look.

Of course, it’s all about the base. It’s not always easy to find the right color of foundation. Especially now that it’s spring, your regular shade might already be a tad too light or still a bit too dark. No worries, H&M Beauty offers ‘Custom Colour Drops’. The ‘Lightening’ ones make your foundation lighter, while the ‘Darkening’ ones darken it. A single drop is all you need to mix with your foundation. €14,99.

In springtime, I prefer a BB cream. They’re not too heavy, they hydrate the skin and give you a nice, even complexion. BB Cream Beauty Balm, ‘Rose Porcelain’, €7,99. I apply it with a makeup sponge, €3,99, in order to apply as precisely as possible.

Dark circles and imperfections I cover up afterwards, with the Cover-Up Concealer, €6,99.

No eyeshadow on the eyelids, only a beautiful silver line on the upper lash line. This will immediately open up my eyes and creates a fresh, revived look. Don’t forget to apply a little in the inner corners of your eyes as well. The silver line is a beautiful reference to the details of the dress. H&M Beauty Colour Essence Eye Pencil, ‘Ceremony’, €5,99. Now all that’s missing is a little mascara in a beautiful deep black color. Pure Definition Mascara, €9,99.

Just powder a little bronzer over the entire face for a healthy glow. Apply in circular motions to apply it evenly. Sheer Tan, Bronzing Powder, €9,99.

All focus on the lips with this candy color ‘BonBon’ from the H&M Beauty ‘Cream Lip Colour’ collection, €9,99. The pink of the lips and the silver of the eyes and the green dress is a gorgeous combination that I absolutely love.

Not just our face deserves a little extra attention, our nails do too. I prefer filing them with a glass file as to avoid damaging my nails, and I make sure that I always file in the same direction as my nails. Don’t zigzag, this will damage your nails. H&M Beauty Glass File, €3,99. On the nails, I apply a polished, neutral shade that suits every look. ‘This’ll Peach You’, €4,99.

When I combine the dress with stilettos, the look can be a little more intense. All focus is put on the eyes, with a smokey look in the colors of the dress, Eye Colour Palette, Super Naturals, €14,99. The silver line looks great as well, it offers a pretty contrast to the khaki green eyeshadow. I finish the eye look by curling the lashes with an eyelash curler, €4,99 and by applying a bit of ‘High and Mighty’ mascara, €9,99.

A striking look asks for a little extra, like these loose lashes in the outer corners of the eyes, Eyelashes, Fullness and definition easy to apply, €4,99. They’re very easy to apply with the especially designed tool.

My look isn’t complete without a strong brow. However, avoid using a shade that’s too dark, because this will make you look very severe. Accentuating the brows adds a little more personality to your look. You’ll see, it makes a big difference! Start with a brow pencil, Brow Specialist, ‘Chocolate Brow’n, €4,99, and set your brows with the Brow Shaping Gel, €6,99.

In springtime, the weather is warm and sunny, so it’s important to set your makeup. That way, it will stay put all day long. Besides, it also mattifies, which comes in very handy when the heat will make you look shiny. Hi-Definition Invisible Powder, Mattifying and perfecting all skin tones, €9,99.

Apply a beautiful, fresh, coral blush on the aplpes of your cheeks for a fresh and healthy look. Powder Blusher, ‘Cora‘l, €7,99.

This blush matches your lips, which we’ll give an intense coral color, ‘Popsicle’, €9,99. Such a beautiful contrast with the green of the dress.

I hope this spring look will offer you inspiration for all your upcoming spring and wedding ceremonies. As you can see, makeup does not have to be expensive to be good. It’s the pigmentation that counts – and a beautiful packaging as well, of course, something that H&M has certainly understood very well!

Photographer: Valeriya Matsava 

Full outfit: H&M 



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