If I could choose one favorite makeup product, it would definitely be highlighter.

Because we all want that beautiful, healthy glow, right?

Highlighter really brings out the areas where sunlight would naturally hit the face, which makes for a fresh, healthy complexion. The natural way to highlight is much easier than the heavy contouring techniques the Kardashians are trying to make us adopt, especially if you’re not a makeup artist. First of all, you don’t need to worry about finding the right shade or anything. The only thing you need is a good highlighter. This product suits anyone’s skin tone and type.

There are liquid highlighters, cream highlighters and highlighting powders, and they come in both light and darker shades.

Liquid highlighter is applied with your fingers, while a highlighting powder is best applied with a round makeup brush. The most beautiful effect is created with a shade that’s as close as possible to your natural skin tone. I like liquid highlighters best. They blend beautifully with your skin and you can even mix them with your foundation for a gorgeous, glowy complexion.

Liquid Highlighter:
Shiseido, Synchro Skin Illuminator, Rose Gold, € 38,75
Lancôme, Custom Sculpting Drop, Bronze Glow, € 35,90

Highlighter consists out of tiny shimmering particles that catch and reflect the light in order to bring out certain facial features. This way, you will also divert attention from your under-eye bags and put other features in the spotlight. Highlighter is applied on the features that normally catch the ride already, like the cheekbones (which will accentuate the shape of your face), below the brows (which has a nice lifting effect that makes the eyes look larger), between the eyes on the nasal bone (which will bring our your eyes) and on the Cupid’s bow, the little dimple above your lips (which will make your lips look fuller. Only apply highlighter on these features, though: you don’t want to look like a living disco ball.

These two highlighters are easy to apply, and they don’t even require a makeup brush: just blend it out with your fingers and you’re good to go.

Cream highlighter stick: BE Creative Make-Up, Holographic Highlighter stick, 001 Spectrum, € 14,95

Liquid highlighter in a practical pen: Givenchy, Mister Light Glow, Golden Glow Corrective Pen, € 30,00

TIP: Highlighting might not be the best technique for mature skin, since shimmer also emphasizes your least pretty features, such as wrinkles and fine lines. However, you can still apply highlighter on the brow bone under the eye brows. Usually, the skin under the eye brows is wrinkle-free, and a bit of highlighter instantly refreshes your gaze. New application techniques are being launched, such as the ‘Cushion Glow’ Teint Couture by Givenchy (€ 40,60). You simply dab this highlighter on your skin with the cushion applicator. Blend out with your fingers.

I always love testing out new highlighters, so do let me know which one is your personal favorites!

Photographer: Axelle Degrave 

Special thanks to Maison Moi for the lovely location


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