Always looking for the very best? Then Dyson Supersonic is exactly what you need!

I usually wash my hair once or twice a week. I try to avoid washing it more often, since doing so could dry out your hair and your scalp. Up until a year ago, washing my hair was always a tough job. My hair itself may be thin, I also have a lot of hair, so washing it always took a lot of time.
For the best results, I always blow-dry my hair for less frizz and more shine. And then I got to know Dyson’s most recent launch, the Supersonic hair dryer. You know, high-tech vacuum cleaner brand Dyson. And the Supersonic made blow-drying my hair a breeze.

At first, I didn’t really know what to think of it. It doesn’t really look like a hair dryer: its design is beautiful and sleek, a hollow cylinder on a straight rod. In the meantime, they come in different colors. It’s a unique blow-dry system that costs a whopping €399,00. But as a beauty guru, I simply had to know all about it, and I can tell you: it’s worth every single cent. It’s an investment, but one that definitely pays off when, like me, you blow-dry your locks weekly or have really unruly hair.

I’ve been using the Dyson Supersonic for over a year now and simply cannot even imagine my bathroom without it now. Holidays, city breaks, spa visits… I truly take it with me everywhere I go. But what is it that makes this hair dryer so special? Why is it better than all the other ones on the market? Because you do need to be willing to spend your well-earned money on it.

At Dyson’s international press event in Paris, I learned all about it. It took four years of work in the hair lab to come to this innovative product. After numerous tests and experiments (like checking how hair reacts to extreme heat) they finally created this miraculous hair dryer. And yes, this adjective truly applies in this case!

Blow-drying your hair with the Supersonic is done surprisingly fast! In less than 15 minutes, it does the job. Normally, it takes me about half an hour to blow-dry my hair, so this hair dryer works about 3 times faster than regular ones. Very handy when you’d like to give your locks a quick wash in the morning.

Another asset is the Supersonic’s source of heat. The air is warm rather than hot, so blow-drying won’t damage your hair and scalp. I do however recommend that you apply a heat-protectant spray or cream to your locks before blow-drying them.

The blow-drying itself is fast and safe. The Supersonic hair dryer uses intelligent heat control, so the hair is not exposed to extreme temperatures. Its glass bead sensor registers the temperature 20 times per second and sends the information to a microprocessor that controls the double-stack heating element. This hair-dryer doesn’t make the loud, annoying sound that a lot of others do. Definitely an asset when your boyfriend or girlfriend is still asleep, but you’re up and about, prepping and pampering yourself in the bathroom.

The hair-dryer comes with three magnetic nozzles. It’s simply not complete without attaching one of these. You can choose between a nozzle to dry, a nozzle to dry and style at the same time and a diffuser to blow-dry curls.

So it’s also perfect for styling. The nozzle that blows air in a 20° angle is perfect for this. You can also easily hold the Supersonic in one hand, while holding a brush in the other. Beautifully brushed hair or sexy beach waves no longer require a visit to the hairdresser’s.

The hair-dryer also features three heat and speed settings. Is your hair fine and rather thin? Then heat setting 1 or 2 should suffice. Do you have thick locks and a lot of hair? Then you can choose setting 3 for both heat and speed. To end your blow-dry session, you can push the blue button for cold air, for a beautiful, healthy shine as a finishing touch.

So, ladies, put the Supersonic at the top of your birthday and/or holiday wish lists or buy it together with a few of your friends and split the cost: you’ll thank me later. For the Supersonic really does do what it promises: it dries your hair fast, keeps it healthy, voluminous and shiny, and you can also use it to style your hair!

I would like to thank Marie-Paulien Otten, PR manager Benelux at Dyson, and Aurélie Van Havenbergh, PR executive Benelux at Dyson, fort his pleasant, interesting press trip!

Photography: Charis Boel



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