A good Christmas present is not necessarily an expensive gift, but rather something original, a little exclusive, or simply something you must have tested. This is my personal wish list for the upcoming holidays.

La Mer – The Moisturizing Matte Lotion (€ 229,90)

I’m a fan of all things La Mer, but you probably knew that already. They unique formulas is what makes the brand so exclusive. Like this new matte lotion. It hydrates the skin, but will also repair the skin, thanks to the healing properties of the ocean. Wide pores, shine and signs of aging will fade. A product that any women will want to use. Available in cosmetics stores.

Clarins – Kit Pores & Matité met blotting papers (€ 40,90)

Do you often have a shiny complexion? Quick and easy, these mattifying blotting papers by Clarins will make you shine-free in no time, with a beautiful matte result. They don’t make your skin feel dry, on the contrary: your skin feels soft and smooth. Plus, they come in a compact little kit, which makes them perfect on the go. Available in cosmetics stores.

Givenchy – L’Intemporel Blossom Radiance Reviver Cream Anti-fatigue (€ 78,00)

We are often busy and don’t always have the time to pamper your skin. With this day cream, you give your skin a well-deserved boost and combat signs of fatique and aging. Vitamin C gives you a fresh, natural glow. Exclusively available at Ici Paris XL.

Bioderma – Sébium Global Cover intensively purifying cream with high coverage (€ 12,41)

In wintertime, my skin is often red with a few impurities. This cream offers coverage for 12 hours and a matte finish. It conceals existing pimples and blackheads and makes them disappear more quickly. The green texture of the cream will neutralize any unwanted redness. Available in pharmacies.

Jo Malone – Colognes (€ 53,00)

If there’s one thing that makes everyone feel happy it’s a nice fragrance. That’s why a Jo Malone cologne is always a good idea. The English Oak & Redcurrant and English Oak & Hazelnut colognes are my personal favorites. Lovely when worn separately, but you can layer them and wear them together as well. Plus, they always come in those beautiful, iconic beige boxes with black bows. Always a hit! Available at Senteurs D’Ailleurs in Brussels, Parfuma in Antwerp or in the Benelux’ first Jo Malone brand boutique Benelux in Luxemburg.

Yves Saint Laurent Le Vestiaire des Parfums – Saharienne (€ 181,50)

The Saharienne eau de parfum from Le Vestiaire Des Parfums by Yves Saint Laurent contains notes of bergamot, jasmin, neroli and musk. Le Vestiaire Des Parfums is a collection of fragrances that each symbolize one of the iconic pieces of clothing in the wardrobe that Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent designed for women. If you’re looking for an exclusive gift, this is definitely a fantastic option. Available via debijenkorf.be.

Waso Shiseido Color-Smart Day Moisturizer (€40,90)

Shiseido is well-known for its high-quality skin care products. I’m always happy with a face cream that provides long-lasting hydration. This one both nourishes and brightens my skin. Furthermore, it provides sun protection with an SPF 30 and it’s tinted. Its color will adapt to any skin color. This way, you’ll be giving two gifts: a softening, hydrating cream and a tinted moisturizer that provides a healthy glow. This 2-in-1 formula will surely save me some precious time in the bathroom. Perfect as a base to wear under your foundation. Available in cosmetics stores.

Photographer: Charis Boel 

Makeup artist: Yente Verheyen 


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