We are becoming more and more conscious of what we put on our faces. All the products in this article are completely natural and paraben- and sulfate-free. These are my favorite mineral, organic and eco-friendly brands.

Likami – Facial Toner (€ 38,00) & Hand Soap (€ 12,00)

The products of this new Belgian beauty brand are exclusively formulated with pure, natural, organic and botanical ingredients, but their packaging is also eco-friendly and simply too beautiful too throw away. Likami’s motto ‘superfood for your skin’ sounds promising, so I was very curious to test this brand. A balancing, hydrating cleansing toner formulated with bioactive, organic, natural ingredients is my personal favorite. The hand soap is very mild, and contains a blend of essential oils, including aromatic lemongrass. Lovely, fragrant products that are 100% organic. Simple but pretty packaging, which makes for perfect little Christmas stocking stuffers. Available at: Haven Surf, Antwerp / Deleye, Noteboom and Boetiek Ruth, Bruges / Interieurkabinet, Mechelen / Baenk, Nieuwpoort / Deleye, Roeselare and Kuurne.

Mádara Infusion Blanc Moisture Soap (€ 11,50)

This natural, vegan soap is perfectly suitable for both body and hands. I love aesthetically pleasing packaging, and this is certainly the case here. The soap’s main ingredients are jasmin and meadowsweet, a North-American flower. 99% of all ingredients are of natural origin, 5% is organic. Exclusively available at Juttu.

Thank You Farmer – Back to Iceland, Cleansing Foam (€ 18,00)

Thank You Farmer is a skincare and beauty brand that slowly but certainly has been conquering the K-beauty market. South Korea is a country that has been known for its expertise and innovative product launches for quite some time now. This cleanser exists for 22% of exclusive moss extracts from Icelands that will remove make-up and impurities but does not dry out the skin. Your skin doesn’t feel tight or uncomfortable afterwards. From now on, this brand is exclusively available in Belgium in the new online beauty shop beautywiseshop.be.

Cîme, Belle d’amour – Antioxidant Day & Night cream (€ 20,50)

This cream nourishes and protects the skin of both your face and neckline, and leaves these areas looking more supple, fresh and healthy. The formula contains extracts of precious mountain plants, such as edelweiss, a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from harmful external elements, and wild rose oil, which nourishes and repairs the skin. This cream is suitable for all skin types, except for an oily skin type with impurities. Available at http://cime-skincare.com.

AHAVA – Deadsea Water Roll-On Mineral Deodorant (€ 15,90)

This mineral deodorant for women contains Dead Sea minerals and vitamin E to calm the skin, the magical ingredients par excellence for which AHAVA is well-known. The deodorant dries quickly, so you can put it on and put on your clothes immediately afterwards. Free of aluminium, alcohol, triclosan and parabens. Available at AHAVA.be.

Korres – Lip Butter (€ 10,50)

Korres is an organic Greek cosmetics brand that grew out of Athens first homeopathic pharmacy. In Belgium, you can now find their products at Juttu, my favorite concepstore. Their collection is vast, but I fell for this lip treatment with jasmin. A beautiful, subtle pink that nourishes my lips.

jane iredale beauty

You can create a beautiful, natural look with the healthy mineral make-up collection of jane iredale. The jane iredale products are special because of their formula: mineral ingredients of the highest quality that both nourish and protect the skin. The purest ingredients make for the most beautiful result. The make-up is easy to apply, the coverage is beautiful and the textures are nice. Jane iredale is available at Parfuma, Antwerp / inLevel5, Leuven / Fin du Jour, Antwerp, Ghent and Kortrijk.

Cream blush Candid (€ 24,00), eyeshadow palette Pink Quartz (€ 25,00) and lipstick Pure Moist Gwen (€ 21,00).

AVEDA – Mihana Pure-Fume Hair Mist (€ 35,00)

You can use this fragrant mist on dry hair. It will soften your locks and makes them shiny.  The formula of this hair mist contains Aveda’s authentic Pure-Fume aroma with jasmin, organic mandarin, cloves and other floral and plant extracts. Use whenever you’d like to freshen up your hair or feel like experiencing the smell of pure flowers and plants. Available at aveda.be, in the Aveda store in Antwerp and in Aveda hair salons.

Photographer: Charis Boel

Makeup artist: Yente Verheyen


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