Do you easily feel lost between all those different make-up brushes?

Make-up brushes make sure that you waste as little product as possible. However, it is recommended to use both brushes and your hands. You can smooth out those streaks that brushes tend to leave with your hands for a very natural-looking result.

But which brushes are high-quality? How do you use them? And what for exactly? Today I will try to guide you through the vast offer of make-up brushes. Because you really don’t need all of them! This is my personal selection of must-have make-up brushes.

1.Liquid and powder foundation brush (€ 46,00)

I prefer applying foundation with a brush with firm, tightly packed bristles. This way, you can apply your foundation evenly and you get a nice coverage. The brush will spread and smooth out the foundation out evenly. Do you still spot some streaks? Then smooth them out with your fingers. Since they are at body temperature, your fingers can smooth out any streaks more easily for an even smoother, more even result.

2. Concealer brush (€ 46,00)

This brush has short, firm bristles. It is kind of like the miniature version of your foundation brush. Because the bristles are tightly packed, this brush gives better coverage, and the short bristles allow you to reach even the smallest corner.

3. Double-ended brush for brows (€ 36,00)

Brow powder is the most natural-looking way to make up your brows. This double-ended brush is the perfect companion. First, you apply the brow powder with the oblique brush. To finish your look, comb your brows with the spoolie brush on the other side for the most natural-looking result.

4. Powder brush (€ 48,00)

Powder is something you always apply with a full, thick brush. This way, you can apply it very softly for a natural-looking result. A powder brush becomes a little more egg-shaped towards the tip, which makes it easier to apply powder on the under-eye area.

Nanja’s tip: Too much powder on your brush? Just shake off the excess powder by tapping the handle on your wrist. Don’t blow it off: your saliva will mix with the powder, which makes for a streaky application.

5. Double-ended eyeshadow brush (€ 46,00)

I always go for 2 different kinds of brushes to apply eyeshadow. Luckily, they have been combined into a single brush.
A wide, flat brush: The more tightly the bristles are packed, the more product is applied on the eyelids. The way you apply eyeshadow also determines the intensity or the looks. Applying a lot of pressure makes for a more intense eyeshadow look. Therefore, this wide, flat brush is the perfect choice for light colors.
Round brush with long, soft bristles: This is my brush of choice for blending your eyeshadow seamlessly with soft, round movements. Perfect for applying those dark colors. Unless you want a very intense eyeshadow look. In that case, a wide, flat brush with short, tightly packed bristles for a concentrated application would be a better option.

6 Eyeliner brush (€ 28,00)
Do you love a sleek cat eye but you’re not really a pro with that liquid liner? A gel liner with a brush is the perfect alternative, since it’s much easier to apply. I really love this brush with a very fine tip, which makes it easier to determine how thick you want to apply your liner.

7. Kabuki brush (€ 46,00)

To finish my make-up look, I always apply a bit of bronzing powder with a kabuki brush, a small, thick make-up brush with tightly packed bristles, which allows for an even application of your bronzer. Apply with round, circling movements on your face, neck and neckline. The kabuki brush is nice and round, and because it’s handle is flat at the bottom, you can easily put it down.

The right shape of make-up brush is half the work.

Know that you don’t always need those expensive brushes with all-natural bristles. They are the better option for powder textures, like eyeshadow, blush and powder. Natural brushes have cuticles, just like your own hair. The powder will settle between the cuticles, so you brush will pick up more powder, which can then be applied on the skin. Brushes: online via

Brushes with synthetic bristles are the preferred option for fluid textures like foundation, cream highlighter and cream blush, lip gloss, lipstick etc. They are less likely to leave streaks and will spread the product more evenly, because they don’t absorb any of the product. The brushes with synthetic bristles by Hema are a very good option.

Photographer: Axelle Degrave
Make-up look and make-up brushes: Chanel


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