Nothing beats some lovely me time. Just taking some time off, by yourself, only in the presence of your favorite beauty products.

I myself love to unwind by taking a long, hot shower, followed by pampering my skin with a nourishing cream.

During the week, we often only have time for the basic, necessary beauty rituals, like a quick shower. In the weekend, however, I spend much more time in my bathroom, simply taking my time to truly enjoy my beauty routine.

The new Dove collection, Nourishing Secrets, finds inspiration in authentic beauty rituals carried out by real women from across the globe. Think: exotic beauty routines from countries like Japan, India, Central America, France and Africa. Somewhere in the world, there is bound to be a woman with the same skin and hair type as you, and with the beauty ritual to match. Dove went looking for them and translated these beauty routines into the new Nourishing Secrets collection.

What we eat has never been more important than nowadays. We try to eat in a healthy way, with lots of variation. Ingredients from across the globe – coconut (water), rice (milk) and avocado for example – have already become pantry staples.

Dove no longer considers these unique ingredients as food, no, it uses their nourishing properties them to enrich skincare products. Combined, they form powerful formulas with delicious fragrances, which are perfectly suitable for some pampering, relaxing me time.

This way, our necessary beauty ritual actually becomes something to look forward to. Besides, you can both see and feel the results immediately.

Dove’s new Nourishing Secrets hair and skincare range consists of 3 lovely rituals that offer intense nourishment and repair. Each collection contains a body wash, shampoo & conditioner and a body lotion to truly pamper your hair and skin.


I chose the ‘Glowing Ritual’, inspired by a Japanese skincare ritual with lotus flower and rice water, combined with Dove’s famous care. Japanese women are well-known for their beautiful, soft skin and their shiny, silky hair.

The Body Wash (€3,39) does not only leave your skin deliciously scented, the extracts of lotus flower and rice water also make for a purifying combination of ingredients that will give your skin its healthy glow back. The product has a nice pink color, which makes you feel instantly happy.

The Shampoo & Conditioner (€3,79) will deeply nourish your hair, something that my dry locks can definitely use after summer. This way, my hair immediately looks shiny again!

The Body Lotion (€3,99) also combines rice water and lotus flower extract into a delicate formula. It provides deep hydration for your skin, while its lovely floral fragrance awakens your senses. The result? A deliciously scented skin that feels silky-smooth and supple. I also love to use it as a hand cream or even as a cuticle cream!

All in all, the ‘Glowing Ritual’ is a lovely routine to both start and end your day with.

Do you prefer coconut? Then the ‘Restoring Ritual’ from the Nourishing Secrets range is for you. The repairing body wash, body lotion & body cream and shampoo & conditioner are inspired by an Indian ritual with coconut oil, curcuma, and almond milk. After all, Indian women often have healthy-looking hair and a beautiful, well-nourished skin.

Avocado addicts, on the other hand, will love the ‘Invigorating Ritual’, a ritual that comes from Central America, with avocado oil and calendula extract, combined with Dove’s signature care. The women in Central America are well-known for their supple skin and strong hair. This ritual also includes a body wash, a body lotion, a shampoo and a conditioner.

How does your beauty ritual look? Leave a comment below this article or the video with your response and your email address, and maybe you will soon be able to enjoy your favorite Dove Nourishing Ritual.

You can find the entire Dove Nourishing Secrets range at Kruidvat or in the supermarket.

Thanks to:
Photographer Valeriya Maltsava
Videographer Dirk Alexander
Make-up artist Peggy Timmermans
and Svilla for the wonderful location


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