Backstage at Moschino with M.A.C Cosmetics at Milan Fashion Week

As you already know, I went to Milan for Fashion Week, together with my photographer Charis Boel, where I discovered all the makeup trends that will be big next summer/spring. And there’s no better way to do that than together with M.A.C Cosmetics. Because backstage is where the magic happens, where the looks are designed, which are later brought to life by the models on the catwalk. Seeing all this gave me such a rush. That’s why I would love to share these images of the Moschino show.


A show that’s not easy to get access to… Thank you, M.A.C, for this wonderful opportunity! The backstage area was one of the most closely guarded ones I’ve ever seen. We only got access to the makeup and hairstyling area, the rest is off limits. Once the models were ready, we weren’t permitted to follow them to the fittings. Too bad, especially since the outfits looked super crazy! These are a few of the snaps I made for you.

The makeup look wasn’t exactly a favorite of mine, but it was very original. The theme ‘What a cute boy’ was inspired by that moment that you walk on the street, see someone from behind and think ‘What a cute boy’. However, when that person turns around, it turns out to be a woman with a fierce short haircut. That situation, but the other way around: sometimes you seem to spot a nice woman on the street, sporting luscious long locks, but when that person turns around, it is really a man with long hair and a beard. ‘Men sometimes look like women and women sometimes look like men’ was the starting point for key artist Tom Pecheux. We don’t always have to follow all the trends, we can just be whoever we want to be.

I met Tom Pecheux and got the opportunity to interview him: truly such a nice man. He told me that he was in Paris last week for a shoot with Mister Karl Lagerfeld himself! So there I was, in awe, talking to this man. And he was just so sweet and down-to-earth. I love that.  In the look he designed for Moschino, he plays with the contrasts between cute boys and girls. Strong, big brows, for example. He really describes them as ‘bushy’, a masculine, strong brow. Even though the natural brow colors of the models may vary, they were all made up with a very dark color, almost black. Several brow products were used, a powder two shades darker tnan the natural brow color and the brow mascara M.A.C Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set in Bold Brunette. To those strong, masculine brows, a touch of glamour is added. This feminine touch consists of a thin, fine eyeliner (not winged), applied just above the upper eye contour, M.A.C Brushstroke Liner in Brushblack. False lashes were applied only in the outer corner of the eye, not across the full length of the upper eye lid.

Mascara was only applied tot he upper lashes, M.A.C Haute & Naughty Lash, in Haute & Naughty Black to be precise. No color on the cheeks, but a very strong contour game, with M.A.C Sculpting Powder (Pro Palette Refill Pan).

The finishing touch was the recurring contoured lip trend. No lipstick, only a lip contour accentuated with lip pencil.  A real lip liner, in other words, M.A.C Modern Twist Kajal Liner in Groundbreaker, in this case, which gives the entire look a nineties feel. Not a trend that I can imagine wearing myself next summer, to be honest, but who knows… Never say never…

I would like to thank M.A.C Cosmetics Belgium and the M.A.C team in Milan for this wonderful backstage experience. I would also like to thank PR agency UPR, and especially Laura Verbeelen.

Photographer Charis Boel


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