At the end of this month, summer is officially over, but that doesn’t have to be the end of our beautiful sun-kissed skin and healthy glow. These 4 top-notch products will have you looking well-tanned all year long.

Guerlain – Terracotta Jolies Jambes

This self-tanning tinted fluid for your legs comes in a light and medium shade. I myself kind of look tanned all year round, so I prefer the medium fluid. It’s easy to apply and you can do it quickly. The results are beautifully sun-kissed legs, and the tan doesn’t stain or wear off on your clothes. So don’t put those breezy summer dresses away just yet, and enjoy an Indian summer with beautifully tanned legs. Available in perfume shops, € 62,00 for 100ml, limited edition.

Collistar – Magic Face Drops

What’s in a name? These tanning drops really do work like magic. A few drops applied on a clean, dry face immediately give you a smooth, natural-looking tan. You can also easily mix these with your usual day cream for a subtle sun-kissed glow. Furthermore, the Magic Face Drops will hydrate the skin and have an anti-aging effect. However, don’t forget to wash your hands immediately after application, to avoid stains. Available at ICI PARIS XL, € 28,50.

Talika – Bio Enzymes Mask

Keeping not only your body but also your face well-hydrated is a must if you want to keep your tan beautiful and make it stay longer. This after-sun masque is lovely during the last month of summer, but also when summer has already ended, but you still have a nice vacation to a sunny, exotic destination planned. This masque will leave your skin soft, hydrated and repaired, while immediately giving you a very fresh feeling. Delightful after having spent a day tanning at the beach. Available at your beauty salon, € 10,00.

Hydropeptide – Firming Moisturizer

It might sound hard to believe, but it really is true that when you hydrate your skin well after taking a shower, your tan will be more beautiful and will stay longer. This anti-aging body lotion by Hydropeptide also addresses imperfections and will make scars, discolorations and wrinkles fade. Available at your beauty salon, € 129,00.

Many thanks to U-Antwerp Eat Sleep for the fantastic location.

My team: photographer Elien Jansen and makeup artist Peggy Timmermans

White maxi dress: Amuse Society 



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