10 Beauty questions to Peggy Timmermans

Every month I would like to ask 10 beauty questions to people who inspire me. People who made a lasting impression on me and who continue to teach me new things about beauty. I thought it would be nice to introduce these people to you and share their knowledge.

Peggy Timmermans (46) is the first person I’d like to introduce. She is a fulltime makeup artist and a real expert when it comes to skincare for mature skin. She’s done the makeup of a lot of Flemish celebrities like Belle Perez, Emma Bale, Siska Schoeters… and her portfolio includes clients such as Grazia Magazine, Clinique, The Voice and Getty Images.

We had a very nice chat at inLevel5 in Leuven, a nice concept store that you absolutely have to visit when you’re in the neighborhood. They are known for their conscious fashion, accessories, jewelry and beauty collections. Both of our outfits were fully curated by inLevel5.

Let’s start by introducing yourself to my readers, Peggy. Where did your passion for makeup begin?

As a teenager growing up in the 80s, I was surrounded by voluminous hairstyles, bright makeup colors and an overdose of orange glitter powder. When I was about 13, I used my first eyeliner, and by the time I was 25, I could’ve bought a small secondhand car with the money I’d spent on beauty stuff. Living on the Canary Islands for 7 years has enriched my life. Once I was back in Belgium, I decided to follow my passion, and I enrolled in a makeup course. Once I’d completed that course, I decided to accept as many little jobs as possible and I learned to work in all kinds of circumstances: terrible lighting, tight deadlines, working outside in extreme weather conditions… Experience is everything. I still follow courses and workshops to stay up-to-date and improve my techniques. I consider myself very lucky that I’ve found my place as a freelance makeup artist. I’m known for my commercial beauty & fashion makeup looks that always look fresh and flawless.

In my lisptick-free time, I enjoy:

• traveling: I’ve lost my heart to London and Spain 
• reading a good book 
• meeting new people, because I’m an extrovert 
• listening to music: I couldn’t live without it 
• speaking foreign languages

Now, these are my 10 beauty questions for you, Peggy. Here we go!

1. First beauty experiment

When I was 13, I was sent to boarding school in the ‘big city’ of Hasselt. As a village girl, I was surprised that my classmates already wore eye pencil and mascara. My first big beauty experiment also goes back to the 80s: electric blue eye liner paired with blue mascara. Then came bronzer. This look asked for tight little curls that were firmly held in place thanks to Elnett hairspray! Yes, it was hip and trendy back then. (Laughs)

2. Everyday lifesaver

As a makeup artist, I can’t live without hand cream. I disinfect my hands tens of times per day, and the alcohol in hand sanitizers tend to make my hands dry. That’s why a good hand cream is essential.

3. Never leave the house without

Lip balm. I keep them everywhere. In my car, my handbag, my bathroom, my bedroom… I’m kind of addicted, I guess

4. Best mascara

Ever since the day it was launched, I’ve been a fan of Givenchy Noir Couture (€34,50). This mascara optically lengthens your lashes and adds volume. A few years ago, this mascara got a serious rival with Lancôme, Grandiose (€29,90). Now, I switch between the two, with a slight preference for the Lancôme one.

5. Daily beauty rituals

I always remove my eye makeup with a bi-phase product, to avoid damaging or irritating the fragile skin around my eyes as much as possible. Furthermore, I cleanse my face with an oil and put on a tonic afterwards. My skincare routine includes an anti-aging eye cream and day cream and an SPF 50 sunscreen, both summer and winter! I will never leave the house without having applied hand cream.

6. Ultimate makeup store

Sephora, hands down, but the American ones. Although, as far as I’m concerned, American chain Ulta is a very close second. Such a large selection! A little closer to home, in London, Pixi is my favorite beauty store. Pixi is a natural cosmetics brand that offers fantastic skincare and fun makeup.

7. Beauty classic par excellence

Tough question. I automatically think of glamourous eye liner and red lips, but neither are a true match as far as I’m concerned. I’ll have to go with a soft smoky eye, in warm shades of brown: a classic because it’s timeless and looks good on everyone. There are so many ways to create a smoky eye look, every woman can get away with it. And in this Insta age, I’d like to give another piece of advice, that has been around for quite some time: Less is more !

8. Slimste beauty product

Hands down Johnson’s Baby Oil (€6,70). When I lived on the Canary Islands, my then sister-in-law gave me the beauty tip of my life and introduced me to it. Now I can’t live without it. I use it under the shower: after washing and rinsing myself, I apply Johnson’s Baby Oil on my entire body and then rinse again. Dry yourself with a towel et voilà: a well-hydrated skin that last the entire day. Quick and smart!


9. Best makeup trick

Fed up with eyeshadow that crumbles upon application? Make it easy: apply your eye makeup first, then remove any eye makeup under your eyes with makeup remover. Only apply foundation and concealer at the very end. No more grey zone or thick layers of concealer under your eyes.

10. Best budget buys

There are a lot of excellent budget brands out there. Recently, L’Oréal Paris launched Glam Beige Healthy Glow Foundation (€14,99), an excellent choice for anyone who likes a sheer foundation that still shows your skin. Furthermore, I love Bourjois’ cream blushes, and Rimmel, Kiko and Maybelline are high-quality budget brands.

Thank you for sharing your beauty tips and for the nice chat we had, Peggy!

Follow Peggy for more beauty tips & tricks on her blog and social media like Instagram & Facebook .

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